Questions the scientific community won’t touch

Neil De Grasse Tyson says the horizon is flat at 128,000 feet, so at what height will the Earth curve?

How high must I go to come straight down and the spin of the Earth will cause me to land in a different spot?

It is accepted belief that long range snipers must accurately adjust their aim to account for the Coriolis effect, why do no other projectiles require these same adjustments?

It is said that the ball earth wobbles on its axis and this causes the phenomenon known as the polar star procession. Thuban was previously the pole star until our current pole star Polaris assumed it’s position around 2000 years ago. This cycle takes 26,000 years to reset. This wobble is also the cause of the 26,000 year cycle known as the procession of the equinoxes, where the sun will rise in front of a different constellation every 2150 years during the vernal equinox. So according to these numbers Polaris should be moving off its axis to the tune of a degree every 72 years, about the average duration of a human lifespan. So, where was Polaris located in our sky when it became the Pole star? Where is it headed? When will it’s movement cause the apparent perfect circle rotations of the stars around it to alter this nightly pattern?

The most commonly sited globe proof is that ships going straight away from an observer will begin to disappear bottom first after reaching the horizon. Globe believers say that it must be curvature that is causing this phenomenon but a ramp would produce the same effect. How was the ramp hypothesis of bottoms missing scientifically eliminated?

Online there is a time lapse video of Skunk Bay taken over the course of a whole day. In the center of the frame there is an inlet with 3 story buildings. In the beginning of the video the buildings and ground they sit on are seen in their entirety as they are too close to be obstructed by any curvature. As the day goes on the water level appears to rise up and obstruct even the top floors of the buildings from being seen. While tides are causing the water level to rise, never would the water level reach high enough to get in the line of sight between camera and buildings. So, while it is evident that atmospherics and optics are capable of obscuring objects that should not be hidden by curvature, how can we be positive that the same phenomenon aren’t obscuring the bottoms of things beyond the horizon?

According to modern cosmology the sun is a star 93 million miles away and the next closest star is 25 trillion miles away. That is over 273,000 times further than the sun. If you double the distance to something it’s apparent size shrinks by half until eventually the angular size of the object becomes too small for our eyes to resolve and it will disappear. Given the sun’s already petite size from the earth I estimate that ten to twenty halvings would render the sun too small to resolve, so how are we able to resolve similar objects at distances that would have made our sun disappear long before those distances?

Why are there no videos of spacesuits being tested in vacuums?

Has there ever been an experiment testing whether the horizon is actually the distance away predicted by the mathematics of the ball earth?

Flat earthers have made countless observations in which things that should be hidden below the curvature of the earth are seen above the horizon line. The standard answer is that is not physical matter you are seeing but rather a holographic image of the object caused by the refraction of light up, around, and down the curve of the earth. Can this phenomenon be demonstrated in a laboratory or in any scientific way?

Is there an observation that we can make that couldn’t possibly happen on the ball described to us by modern science and would render the globe theory wrong?

The most common proof for gravity, an attraction force between all objects due to their mass, is an experiment by Henry Cavendish in which he suspended two steel balls attached to a torsion rod and then added two more balls and was able to detect and measure the attraction caused by balls gravitational attraction to each other. Besides this experiment we never witness any mass attract any other mass besides objects being attracted to the Earth. It is argued that the Earths mass is so much greater than anything that sits upon it that the attraction between objects does not happen as the Earth’s attractive force renders their gravity inert. Why did the Earth’s gravity not render Cavendish’s balls attractive force null?

The ball earth contains at it’s center a magnetic molten iron layer with temperatures of 8000 degrees Fahrenheit called the core. The Earth’s electromagnetic field is said to be generated by this iron. On the earth iron has been shown to lose its magnetic properties around 1417 degrees Fahrenheit. How does the iron in the core maintain it’s magnetic properties at such extreme temperatures? One explanation I’ve heard is that it is able to do so because it is in a constant tumbling motion like a drying machine. Can this be demonstrated?

What are the odds that the angular size of a planet’s moon and it’s star that it revolves around are exactly the same for the inhabitants of the planet like we witness here on Earth?

Amateur rockets achieve their greatest speed just after take off and slow down as they reach the thinning atmosphere. Space rockets are able to achieve their greatest speeds at the highest altitudes with the thinnest of atmosphere and therefore the least resistance. What is the difference in your rockets that allows for such a phenomena?

Einstein said he had come to the conclusion that there is no optical experiment that can detect the motion of the earth. Even his ideas about relativity theorize that it doesn’t matter if you were sitting on the sun, it would be impossible to tell what was moving. If we accept that the motion of the earth cannot be detected, then why do we consider it’s motion around the sun scientific?

Is it just coincidence that the mark of the beast is 666 and the earth is moving around the sun at 66,600 mph?

The scientific method of using number and measurement to glean the nature of reality was first proposed to Descartes by an angel in a dream. Why are these metaphysical origins of science not taught in University?

Why do NASA astronauts train for spacewalks in a pool, conditions polar opposite to the pressureless vacuum of space all while receiving assistance from a team of scuba divers that surely will not be there for the real thing? Doesn’t practicing in conditions most closely resembling the real thing best guarantee the success of the mission?

Triangulating the sun and moon would yield the same numbers as they occupy the same space in the sky and are the same size. How were you able determine that the sun is 400 times larger and 400 times further away then the moon?

In order to know the actual size of something in the sky while only being able to measure it’s apparent size, one must either know the distance to that object or have all the values of a similar object in the sky from which to scale. While it is quite clear that achieving actual measurements of distance and size of heavenly objects using any of man’s tools for measurement is impossible, accurate estimates would require at least one measurement that was definitely accurate to extrapolate the rest of the data. What was this first measurement and how was it achieved?

It is said that Eratosthenes was able to prove the Earth was a ball by measuring shadow angles with a stick and a well 2500 years ago. Flat earthers argue that a small local sun over a flat Earth would yield the same results. What did Eratosthenes do to eliminate the possibility of a flat Earth with a local sun? Was Eratosthenes aware of refraction of light caused by the changing density of our atmosphere and it’s ability to change the actual position of the sun and the angle at which it’s rays strike the earth?

Why was Space X allowed to change footage from the youtube live feed of one of it’s double rocket landings in which the split screen that was said to be displaying two different camera feeds from two different rockets contained the same footage in both frames, after the live feed had ended though YouTube claims that it does not allow such action?

If I go out to the ocean, hold a stick at my chest height, then drop my eyes below that stick the horizon in front of me will be below that stick. As the horizon is said to be the last part of the ball I can see dependent on my eye height and tangential sight around the ball, when I raise my eyes up my horizon should be further than my original horizon and therefore below the original horizon as a ball curves down and away in all directions. However when I raise my eyeline above that chest high stick, the horizon is now above that stick. Why is this an invalid test for proving the horizon is not a physical thing?

According to the heliocentric model a perfect cue ball alignment called syzygy is required for an eclipse to happen. However in a common lunar eclipse called a selenelion, the eclipse happens while both the sun and Moon are visible above the horizon. How is this possible if the earth is not directly in between the sun and moon? A common response to this is that the moon is actually below the horizon but just the right atmospheric conditions are refracting the moon and lifting it above the horizon. However these selenelions are predicted with the same accuracy as all other eclipses and are labeled as selenelions prior to the actual eclipse. How are scientists able to predict the right atmospherics will be present the day of to cause the phenomena?

All models of the solar system show an extremely distant and enormous sun whose rays strike the earth parallel to each other. However in NASA’s diagram of solar eclipses the sun’s rays converge to a point, and then diverge striking the moon and continuing their path to the Earth. How is it possible that parallel rays are the normal orientation of the sun’s rays but during eclipses those same rays are converging and diverging?

How is it that empty space with nothing in it can constantly expand as the infinite vacuum of outer space is said to be doing? How can something that is infinite expand?

It is believed by globe believers that the slow drift of the foucalt pendulum is proof that the earth is spinning under the pendulum causing the procession. Einstein said he believed no optical experiment could detect the motion of the Earth so did he disagree with the conclusion accepted by most. Furthermore as relativity is accepted and used to explain why we cannot feel the movement of the earth due to our tethering to the same inertial frame of reference as the Earth, what allows the pendulum to break from this inertial frame to display the affects of rotation unlike anything else on the Earth?

Famous physicists including Edwin Hubble, Stephen Hawkings, and George Ellis have stated that science is unable to prove the models we accept as reality and instead choose our models with a philosophical desire to adhere to the Copernican principal, that the Earth cannot occupy an important space and role in the universe. How is this preselected bias for interpreting observation considered sound science?

Michio Kaku said that noone within his field uses the scientific method to ascertain the nature of the heavens. Why are theoretical cosmologists given grants and television time and prestige when conducting unfalsifiable pseudoscience?

Don’t pay the hollow cost

We are told in school that during World War 2 the Nazis of Germany killed 6 million Jews in gas chambers at concentration camps spread around Europe. We were led to believe that this is an indisputable fact. We are told Hitler viewed extermination of the Jewish people as paramount for gaining control over Europe and ultimately the entire Earth. Hollywood makes award winning films depicting these events to reinforce the horrific genocide of the Holocaust. It is safe to say that noone goes through the American education system without believing Hitler was the bad guy and his goal of exterminating the Jews and achieving world domination was a righteous cause for America to participate in World War 2. If it had not been for our intervention Germany would have won the war and only God knows what the world would be like.

This is pretty much the totality of what is offered by our education to make sense of these events. The perspective on World War 1 is even less. We are told that it all erupted when Archbishop Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated while in Bosnia. Due to alliance agreements the European countries had no choice but to slug it out. For some reason we just accept this explanation for how a whole world can go to war.

History is written by the victors is a common idea tossed around with no real analysis of how that affects established truth. It seems to me as long as the population views their country as the good guy, very few will dig deeper than the surface reasons given to them. The truth is all war is fought in the perceived material interest of the investment class and all slogans of “spreading democracy”, “restoring freedom”, “vanquishing evil” and so on are merely used to sell war to hesitant populations that would disapprove of the real goals.

When any crime is committed the first question that must be asked is “who benefits?”. This will most times lead to a clear picture of the events as humans tend to maximize their self interest and crime is rarely committed just “for the hell of it”. Viewing World War 1 as just a battle in the greater agenda a picture emerges that better explains Germany and it’s actions taken during World War 2.

Germany had long been considered the crowning achievement of Europe and it’s culture the envy of the world. They were the leaders and innovators in nearly every aspect of human life including architecture, manufacturing and technology, the sciences, the arts, and philosophy. The German people held great pride and patriotism for their country and it was this pride the world bankers looked to exploit. As the British Empire flamed out at the turn of the century the central bankers needed a new base of operations from which to control the world through currency manipulation and military aggression. The problem was the peoples of the world had grown weary of empire and viewed autocratic imperialism and hegemony as a stain on the world. So the bankers initiated a plan to transfer their empire across the Atlantic to the United States of America all while making it look like a necessary evil to contain a madman.

First part of the plan was to install a central bank in the US violating it’s constitution which gives the power to coin money solely to Congress. The creation of The Federal Reserve was done in secret by the major banking families of the world with the help of a few select politicians to push it through the legislative process. Further reading on this is a must. With their bank now entrenched it was time for trench warfare. World War 1 began months later with the shot heard round the world.

The aftermath of WW1 saw the allied powers placing the bulk of the blame upon Germany. Whether this blame was justified is contestable as is the motivations of each individual nation during the war. Nevertheless the allied powers used the Versailles Peace Conference to force Germany to secede territory, agree to caps on armed forces, and pay reparations totalling 5 billion dollars. This debt put an impossible burden on the German people and the once proud people were forced into servitude and squalor to meet the demands of the treaty.

Now that the bankers had decimated a once proud nation their plan would require a charismatic character to reignite the spirit of the German people and inspire them to rise up from the ashes and reclaim Germany’s rightful seat on the world stage. That character of course was Adolph Hitler. There is much debate among revisionists whether Hitler organically emerged with genuine desires or whether he was the puppet of the central bankers. I tend to think they leave nothing to chance and as the Nazi’s power grab was bolstered by a flashy show of material including flags, uniforms, armaments and tanks, the funding for this siege had to come from somewhere.

Hitler stoked the flickering flame of German nationalism by pointing the finger and begging the people to remember what Germany had been like. When life gets hard people will follow whoever forcefully assigns the blame and promises a better future. Hitler was a master at public speaking, capable of holding massive crowds attention for long durations. The central bankers had their man in power capable of producing enough fervor and support to create widespread panic and justifiable excuses for extreme military buildups.

I see the central bankers goals for WW2 as threefold. 1. Secure America as the new empire using a justification of stopping Hitler to enact the greatest buildup of military might the world has ever known and ensuring the post war years could be dominated by American manufacturing as their main competitors would be turned to rubble and would be forced rely on the US to rebuild. 2. Justify the stealing of Palestinian land to secure the new empire a base of operations in the oil rich middle East, in the form of the state of Israel. 3. Eliminate the competition for a new pesticide allowing monopolistic control of agribusiness by one company.

So back to the idea that 6 million Jews were systematically gassed all while Germany was fighting a war on 3 different fronts. The idea that Germany would be capable of and willing to allot so much resources and manpower to murdering people in such a brutal and specific manner, all while attempting to overtake neighboring armies is implausible to begin with. What would be the point of murdering your essentially slave labor? When one looks into the evidence for the Holocaust, one is left with very little to stand on.

It is evident that the number 6 million was being planted into the world consciousness long before the war kicked off. Newspaper articles including the New York Times were running stories with headlines reading, “6 million Jews”. This plant would help sell the story later on.

We are shown pictures of mass graves where large amounts of bodies are piled up as evidence for the gassing. However, all of the bodies are emaciated appearing to have died from starvation. The allies bombed the food lines that led to the detention camps and all of the occupants of the camps including German soldiers and medical personnel were forced to go hungry. This ultimately led to many deaths but nowhere near 6 million.

Independent investigators have brought ground piercing radar to many sites that we are told are mass graves and all tests have found the ground to be undisturbed. Answers regarding the lack of gravesites have never been forthcoming from any government body.

Finally, an examination of the supposed gas chambers yields questions of their authenticity. Some gassing rooms have no locks on the doors or windows. Some are so small that the numbers we are given would be physically impossible to achieve. But the most damning evidence that these rooms were not used to exterminate anyone with gas, is the height of the chimneys. The chimneys are as low as 7 feet above the Earth. Surely if toxic gasses were being deployed into these rooms and removed by way of chimney, to assure the safety of the workers the chimneys would be constructed dozens of feet up. Placing the chimneys that low would put anyone around in harm’s way and therefore makes it hard to believe deadly chemicals were being funneled through those chimneys.

What were those rooms used for if not executions? Killing lice. There was a lice epidemic throughout Europe during WW2 and those rooms were designed to exterminate the parasites but leave the hosts in tact. These work camps were highly sanitary as sickness would have stifled the ability of these camps to turn out the armaments and accomodations the military depended on.

So why the big lie? Firstly it was important to vilianize Hitler to the highest degree possible not only for justifying the US military buildup but also to ensure the masses would never question who was on the right side of history. Secondly, it created world-wide sympathy for the Jewish people and helped sell the need to establish a safe zone for the Jewish people to live. Plus in order to convince the large number of Jews needed to occupy the lands taken from the Palestinians and to accept the aggression required to take those lands and hold them from unwilling participants, the belief that unspeakable horrors had been inflicted on your group provided the excuse for returning the favor.

Thirdly, the market for a new pesticide could be guaranteed if it’s competition be removed from the marketplace. Everyone knows that zyclon B is the chemical compound used by the Nazi’s to kill the Jews in the gas chambers. What they don’t know is that zyclon’s components, hydrogen cyanide, had been discovered to be an easily produced, efficient pesticide first used in California for the fumigation of Citrus trees. A bright future for this pesticide was surely in the making until the news of the Nazi’s homicidal use of a more diluted version of the compound caused the world to agree to ban the use of all hydrogen cyanide products as pesticides. This cleared the playing field for a new player to emerge in the pesticide market and that player is still the biggest player in the game. They faked the round up and execution of 6 million Jews to ensure the domination of Monsanto’s Round Up and the rest as they say, is history.

Is the beast’s rule over?

In Revelations the Bible says the new age will be announced by the 7 trumpets blaring. Many who toil in understanding prophecy have tried to name these 7 trumpets as different world events, with the world wars as trumpets, 911 as one, and a gang of other ideas. I do not see 7 to be taken literally. It simply means divine intervention. Throughout mans mythology 7 has always meant divine intervention and using this code makes sense of many things in the Bible and other holy books and the world at large with the jackpot being 777. I have shared my 777 story on this blog and I am positive that was divine intervention. One of my favorite verses in the Bible that still gives me great hope is Proverbs 24:16. “For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again, but the wicked shall fall by calamity.”. God ensured I would fall from grace and the company I kept, but I am confident that part of my story will lend color and perspective to the story of my rise and be a source of inspiration and reverence of God’s glory when viewed in full.

As I have stated before, I believe the Trump Pence ticket is the trumpets blaring, God’s divine intervention marking the new age. The age of aquarius is here. While it is impossible to say exactly when the age started as it is dependent on what constellation is the backdrop of the sun’s rising during the vernal equinox and is obstructed by the sun’s glare and is a subjective interpretation of where a constellation begins and ends, I believe the collective consciousness furnished us with an accurate start date in the form of the Mayan calendar. That date was December 21st 2012. As I have mentioned before May is the taurus, the bull, and it had influence in the age of Pisces and is deceptive, so I could be wrong. But I don’t think so because of what else it says in Revelations.

Revelations tells us that in the new age the beast will be sent to rule for 42 months only to be followed by another beast. It does not say how long this rule will last. If we assume it will last the same duration as the first, 42 months, then their total rule will be 84 months, or 7 years. There is God’s number again. Assuming the Mayan’s got it right, the beast’s rule came to an end on December 21st 2019, during the winter solstice just in time for 2020. I have been saying from the beginning of my awakening that by 2020 man will understand his vision and the flat Earth revelation will be victorious over the globe deception. God has made sure these coincidences are aligned so there can be no question as to who is pulling the strings.

As I have stated before I believe all is the collective consciousness and all is God’s will. The flat Earth movement was meant to happen at precisely this time in history, his story. I think he is one hell of a writer and he chose me to be his ghost writer if you will. I had no choice in the matter but I gratefully accept it as an honor and privilege to be the one given the duty of piecing pisces together and announcing Aquarius.

Now that the beast’s rule is over I fully expect to see a shift in the consciousness towards love, empathy, and truth and I aim to do my part in achieving those ends. The time to resist is now. We have work to do fellow wayseers!!!

What really happened on 911?

Two theories emerged on the day 911 happened to what made the towers fall. The first theory, the establishment’s story, was planted by a man named Mark Walsh, interviewed on Fox News only an hour after the second “collapse”. He said he saw the plane hit the tower, watched the fires burn so hot, and witnessed both towers fall “mostly due to structural fire because the fire was just too intense.”. This would remain the establishment’s story with experts arguing over the pancake or pile-driver theory of how the building was able to fall at free fall speed into its own footprint.

That night on CBS news Peter Jennings remarked, “Anyone who has ever seen a controlled demolition knows, you have to get at the inner infrastructure of the building”. Immediately the conspiracy theorists jumped on this idea and said it had to be a controlled demolition. There had to have been bombs planted in the lower floors to break down the structure of steel columns for the top part of the building to be able to fall down especially at free fall speed. The next years were spent trying to figure out how exactly they were able to achieve this controlled demolition. Some theorized nanothermite was used to cut the steel beams. Others argued for nuclear weapons. One thing was for sure, planes did not knock down the buildings.

Then in 2006 a woman named Judy Wood emerged asking a different question. While everyone was attempting to answer why the buildings fell, she was asking, “what happened on 911?”. Dr. Judy Wood has PhDs in multiple scientific disciplines and had gathered all of the pictures, seismic data, and witness testimonies in order to form her theory.

Her theory is that we witnessed something on that day that had never been seen before. The towers did not fall that day, they were turned to dust in midair by a free energy weapon, a process she called dustification. Essentially this weapon demolecularized the millions of tons of steel and concrete. Neither heat nor pressure were used to achieve this. The entire city was covered in dust and paper that day so surely it could not have been heat.

How this free energy weapon functions is pure speculation at this point but I believe the evidence for it’s use to be sound. Firstly, a controlled demolition will leave a pile up of about 12 to 16 percent the height of the original structure. As the twin towers were 110 stories high there should have been a pile of wreckage at least 150 feet high. Photos of the aftermath reveal that there is barely a floor or two of rubble in the footprint. The establishment planted stories of millions of tons of steel being taken from the wreckage and sold to China, but the evidence for this is not there.

Secondly, if millions of tons of concrete and steel were to fall from the sky they would certainly land with a huge thud, an immense vibration of the earth. This thud is nowhere to be found in the seismic data. Dr. Judy Wood compares the data to what would be expected with a jackhammer. It becomes apparent that no substantial mass came crashing to the earth that day.

I see these as the most obvious reasons for believing in the free energy weapon dustification theory but Dr. Wood supplements these arguments with many more including “toasted” cars, naked jumpers, computer graphic planes hitting the towers, and the fact that there was a hurricane off the coast of New York that day. While this was hardly reported, I do not see it as a coincidence.

Anyone who has investigated 911 for themselves has surely stumbled upon all of the predictive programming starting in the 1940’s that prepared the world for what they were supposed to see that day. Movies, television programs, music albums, cartoons, commercials, and other media were showing the number 911 and images of planes hitting buildings and towers crumbling to the ground. Search 911 predictive programming into YouTube to see the depths of this psyop. Why the powers that destroyed those towers would show us their plans to do so beforehand is up for debate but my theory stems from the belief that they were planning this event for precisely September 11th 2001 for at least 70 years. I believe the towers were built to be destroyed. I believe that hurricane was not a coincidence. Whether it helped power the weapon or whipped up some sort of static electric field in which the weapon could operate is unknown.

It was reported after 911 that random number generators ceased to be random on the day of 911. I think this is a key to the nature of the weapons energy source. While reviewing the predictive programming and thinking about the directed energy weapon (DEW) I stumbled upon a WWF video that is disturbing. Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan had teamed up as The Megapowers and were feuding with a group called The Twin Towers. Mean Gene interviewing the twin towers asks them, “Are you going to continue your terrorist attacks?”. Later in an interview with the Megapowers Hulk Hogan says, “You know what Mean Gene, you get right to the heart of the matter. It’s going to be the love that supercharges the Megapowers and tears down the Twin Towers.”. As I watched this I realized Hulk Hogan was telling the truth, it was our empathy, our love that powered their weapon. I swear to God, I went blind for ten seconds when this idea came to me.

While I am sure this idea sounds crazy to most, we must remember the true nature of this place is not what we have been told. I believe the aether is real, I see it as the fabric of our reality, an energy field required for all matter to exist. Human emotion affects the aether and it is the source of the energy the DEW drew from to dustify the towers. Billions of eyes were trained on those burning towers with great concern for their inhabitants. I believe that is why the second tower to be hit was the first one to be destroyed. Our attention was focused on that tower and it created the energy to destroy it.

Evidence for human emotion registering in the outside world and affecting matter is ample and is being investigated more and more. Science doesn’t like it because it is impossible to quantify emotion. You are more likely to find these experiments being done in grade school science fairs then by the scientific community. Masuro Emoto, a Japanese scientist, has shown that water subjected to positive loving speech when frozen will produce beautiful pleasing to the eye crystal formations. Negative speech will create ugly formations.

Others, including myself, have attempted what’s being called the rice experiment. Start by boiling water into a cup of rice and then separates the rice evenly in two air sealed jars. Label one of the jars love and the other hate. Over the next few months everyday at the same time, speak lovingly to the love rice and hatefully to the hate rice. The love rice will remain white and fluffy and the hate rice will spoil and turn brown then black very quickly. When I attempted this experiment my hate rice was turning brown while my love rice was still pristine before my friend gave away my rice without my knowledge. I am going to do it again and show it to the world while I do my street preaching.

There is something more to water than we know and it may have helped destroy the towers. Those towers were built above a landfill filled with water with what was coined “the bathtub” used as a dam to keep the water out. Did this water help to concentrate the energy field around those towers? I don’t have all the answers but I am not afraid to assert my opinion to anyone though I know many will dismiss it as crazy. I view this truth of the DEW to be helpful in awakening people to the flat Earth, as it makes zero sense in the happenstance globe Goldilocks zone theory of earth, and key to unlocking the door to free energy. While the Megapowers used it to destroy, I believe we can use it to create and build. I believe the ancient cultures knew how to utilize this technology and that is how they built the many monolithic structures we see around the world. The whole heliocentric deception’s purpose was to hide this energy source and ultimately to help reveal it’s true nature. I view this as the mission God has laid out for me.

The final aspect worth considering is why that date of September 11th was chosen to unleash the DEW. I believe it may have to do with the solar and lunar analemma. If one takes a picture of each heavenly body at the same time every day throughout the entirety of the year, an infinity like figure 8 shape will appear. It appears to me that September 11th is the date when the sun will cross through the middle connecting spot of the two loops for the second time that year. Is it possible that on this date the earth system will reach it’s maximum energy potential making it prime for the use of the free energy weapon? I cannot say for sure but I do not believe it is coincidence that the most destructive hurricane on record, Iniki, ravaged Hawaii on September 11th, 1992. Something definitely worth considering for those investigating the true nature of our reality.

Thank you for your support, questions, and comments. While you may not feel as I do, hopefully you recognize my candor and desire for truth.

5 Stages of Ball Grief

1. Denial

“Eratosthenes proved the earth was a ball with a stick 2500 years ago bruh”

“We have pictures of the globe from space dipshit”

“How can the earth be flat? Everything in the sky is round. Ever heard of gravity?”

2. Anger

“There is no fucking way the earth is flat!”

“You can’t tell me I’m not a monkey on a spinning ball”

“Flat earthers need to eat shit and die”

3. Bargaining

“God, please don’t let the earth be flat. I have been an absolute douchebag to them for asking questions”

“Well, if we never meet them at the table, offering an observation that disproves the ball, maybe we can hold on to it a little longer”

“It looks like it might just be flat, but I guess we won’t know til commercial spaceflight”

4. Depression

“How could Elon have lied to me”

“You mean I can’t set foot on those things on the sky that were way too far away to reach in a human lifetime. Bummer”

“I actually have to care about how my actions affect the world. This is gonna suck”

5. Acceptance

“Hey, life on a plane ain’t so bad”

“I was chosen to be here by an all knowing, all loving creator. That’s pretty cool”

“There is a chance we can draw energy from the aether and get off the power grid. Sign me up”

What science got right

The scientific community doesn’t like to admit this as their entire worldview derives from a belief that matter is the sole constituent of reality, but science was founded by an angel. Rene Descartes in November of 1619 was visited by an angel during a dream. This angel told him, “The conquest of nature is achieved through number and measurement.”. Thus began man’s foray into measuring declination angles of the heavenly bodies and ultimately lead to the heliocentric model. These spiritual beginnings are never taught in University.

As I have expressed the apple that man ate from the tree of knowledge is the same apple that hit Newton on the head. The theory of gravity has maintained it’s stronghold over thinking men ever since. Newton himself found the idea absurd.

It is inconceivable that inanimate brute matter should, without the mediation of something else which is not material, operate upon and affect other matter without mutual contact, as it must be, if gravitation in the sense of Epicurus, be essential and inherent in it. And this is one reason why I desired you would not ascribe innate gravity to me. That gravity should be innate, inherent, and essential to matter, so that one body may act upon another at a distance through a vacuum, without the mediation of anything else, by and through which their action and force may be conveyed from one to another, is to me so great an absurdity that I believe no man who has in philosophical matters a competent faculty of thinking can ever fall into it. Gravity must be caused by an agent acting constantly according to certain laws; but whether this agent be material or immaterial, I have left open to the consideration of my readers“.

This is also not taught in Universities. While gravity has been tweaked, now it warps spacetime, whatever that means, this basic idea of mass attraction is still the cornerstone of their understanding of the cosmos. Since the Earth is not a ball there is no need for gravity and should be put in it’s grave.

What science did get right is the first law of thermodynamics. This law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, merely transferred or changed from one form to another.

So if God created our closed system that is the Earth which has a finite energy consistency, the only thing he could have done was chop himself up. Everything is God. You are him. I am him.

The Bible says God spoke this place into existence. I prefer to think he sung it. God sang Ohm and made our home and the dome. The universe is really just his one verse. He couldn’t come up with a second. He is a one hit wonder. But we are all a part of that verse. We are all hymn. History is his story, we all get to experience it.

Now I realize many will not like this view of our reality as it eliminates free will from the equation. I think free will is as phony as Free Willy, it’s all part of the fish story, the age of Pisces. Ego, E go, made Pisces run but Story, store E, will power Aquarius. God does not give our stories in vain. I look back and see his influence in everything. Through sharing our stories we will come to a greater understanding of ourselves, an appreciation for our mother, and a keener conception of our father and his will.